Pago Casa Gran, Organic Wines by Philosophy

Pago Casa Gran is a family owned winery that produces estate wines made with organic grapes. The wine tradition of the family comes from 1960s but this renewed project started in 2006. They built a new building with brand new equipment so they have all what is necessary to produce high quality wines.


Their fields are close to 250 acres, located in inland Valencia (Spain), in an area called Les Alcusses, where there are remains of an ancient Iberian village from the fourth century BC.

When we went there for the first time, we could feel Carlos was welcoming us to his home. We had a nice walk through the vineyards of Garnacha Tintorera (Alicante Bouschet, a Grenache cross), Syrah, Monastrell (Mourvèdre), Moscatel (Muscat), and Gewürztraminer, some of them up to 60 years old. While walking, we could appreciate in his words and on the field the way they go an extra mile, needed to achieve excellence. They always cultivated their vines organically, but for this project they are even following the guidelines of the Delinat Institute, looking for a natural equilibrium on the field. Mother Nature is wise, so they work with her and not against. They have green covers that protect the soil, accommodate the biodiversity needed for this equilibrium, and improve the terroir quality. At the same time, they use respectful methods (no chemicals at all) in their actions on the fields.


Another example of how sustainability is in their DNA is the system they have to naturally canalize and store the rainwater. They use it for watering their fields when needed, so it is actually a buffer of rain.

On the way to the main building, we saw the antique family house where they spend every summer, well maintained as a symbol of respect to the origins. Once at the new winery we could see how well they treat the grapes. They avoid using pumps, so they have an overhead travelling crane, and fill the deposits with a gravity fed technique. This allows them to get the grapes almost uncrashed to the deposits which help retain and concentrate the aromas.


The end of our visit was at the tasting room, where we could enjoy their great wines in a modern and comfortable atmosphere. This is when we had the confirmation that when you put together a  knowledgeable winemaker with the philosophy of collaborating with nature, you can get delicious and fully natural wines.

If you want to know more about Pago Casa Gran and their thrilling wines, visit our website page.

We have closed our doors.

Thank you so much for your support all these years.