Those are the fine wineries we are proud to have partnered with.
Authentic, surprising, and honest wines from Spain.
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Tomás Postigo

Ribera del Duero D.O.

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Bodegas Paco García

Rioja D.O.Ca.

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Pago Casa Gran

Valencia D.O.
Organic, estate wines

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De Alberto

Rueda D.O.

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Noemí Wines

Utiel-Requena D.O.

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Dominio de la Vega

Utiel-Requena D.O.
Cava D.O.

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Utiel-Requena D.O.

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Chozas Carrascal

Utiel-Requena D.O.
Cava D.O.

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Bodegas Reymos

Valencia D.O.

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¡Hola! Cava

Cava D.O.

About us

Our story and values.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"


We are Illa & Ferran, a Spanish couple that established in the US with the aim of making our dreams come true. We want to live by our passions, thus we decided to bring and share awesome Spanish wines and gourmet products. Starting from scratch, investing our money and effort in it, we launched Darsena Selections.

What do we do?

From California, we import and distribute authentic, surprising, and honest Spanish products. We work with suppliers whose creations speak about their origins and the people who elaborate them. We handpick every partner and every product based on simple criteria:

Quality: Our number one priority. We are talking about products we drink and eat. Serious business here.

Ownership: The project behind every product has a family or a personal implication, plus a match with our values.

Good price-quality ratio: We make sure that what you get, for the price you pay, is a great deal in a sustainable way.

  • We love wine and food, and also the origins, uniqueness, and traditions. Therefore we are thankful to be able to share the passion carried in our products.

  • When we talk about business relations, we focus on the most important part: RELATIONS. We go as far as it takes to understand every person and every business, in order to provide our best support.

  • Great results come from effort, persistence, and dedication. That is the way we work, so we seek long-term partnerships for the best common outcome. We believe that excellence is not a state, but a permanent objective. With attention to detail, we've made quality a key element of our hallmark.

  • We all live within the same ecosystem, both natural and social. Its proper functioning depends on every one of us, so we aim for sustainability and respect, and we expect the same from the people and businesses we work with.


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